[Podcast] Ep 149: E3, WWDC, Diablo 3 Mac Stability

Hosts Omaha Sternberg and Rob Benson talk about E3, WWDC, Diablo 3, violence, heat…it’s all here in 1 hour of awesomeness! Plus, much more!
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Epic Demos Unreal Engine 4 Features at E3

Though Microsoft and Sony weren’t showing off any new hardware at E3, and Nintendo’s display was less than satisfactory, Epic Games was eager to give a glimpse of what the newest version of their Unreal Engine series can do. Alan Willard, senior technical artist and designer for Epic, led an impressive demo. Though we weren’t privy to the demo, having not gotten the chance to make it to E3 this year, others who did had a lot to say about it.
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Sacrilegium Reveal at E3 With Next-Gen Vampires

Topware Interactive hinted earlier this year at a new game that they were working on, but didn’t give any details. Well, E3 is as good as any place to do it. Sacrilegium is a group effort between them and developer Reality Pump Studios. A modern survival horror, the game takes 20 yr old Alex half-way around the world as she encounters a large array of dangerous and mysterious monstrosities. All the while, Alex must employ her skills, survival instincts, and heart to survive and save her soul from corruption.
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Brain Candy Enters the Fray at E3

Brain Candy has posted it’s Fray E3 2012 trailer at the Fray website. Fray is a multiplayer turn-based tactical strategy game featuring 3 different corporate factions, 6 character classes and a large number of upgradable weapons to wreak havoc with. A quick look at the gameplay from the trailer is explanation enough to see why this game is worth mentioning. E3 is packed to the gills with first person shooters and action RPG’s, so it’s nice to see a promising, well polished, turn-based game to change up the pace a bit.
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WeMade Hints at True MMORPG for Mobile at E3

We’re starting to hear the first little bits of noise from the denizens of next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Today WeMade Entertainment has dropped a hint about a new ambitious iOS title intended to be a true MMORPG for the mobile platform, and code-named “The Project”. Congrats, WeMade…you just won for the most original code-name title yet!

WeMade is playing it close to their chest and not revealing much of anything at this point, saving the big details for next week’s E3. What we do know is that many of the developers working on “The Project” have worked on WeMade’s previous series, Legend of Mir. “The Project” is intended to pull numerous players together via the mobile network, on both iOS and Android systems, with a technology utilizing “true multiplayer function”.

All of this will be done through touch-based commands, high graphical quality, and fluid animation with a hint at 3D to boot. WeMade promises that the servers will be giving immediate responses to actions on the screen. So, no lag time! Yeah, we’ll have to wait and see about that one.

A full preview of “The Project” will be available at E3. Or if you won’t be there, check back here with us, because we’ll be posting about this game as soon as the developers tell their PR team (cause they’re telling us).

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