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Head Editor–Omaha Sternberg

iGame Radio started in the middle of 2005 and has been going strongly ever since. Host and Producer Omaha Sternberg covers gaming on the Mac, iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch. Omaha has been involved in audio and video since she was in middle school, including a school news program broadcast on local television, acting and hosting in television, movies, and theatre, Internet radio, and podcasting. Omaha currently hosts and produces the iGame Radio podcast and previously also hosted and produced the DigiPen PodClass, the official monthly podcast for the DigiPen Institute of Technology. She has written game reviews for Mac|Life magazine, Macworld Magazine, and iPhone Life Magazine.

Writer–Rob Benson

Rob’s first Apple product was an Apple IIGS, but he has been an avid cross platform gamer since when the Commodore 64 stalked the Earth. He moved to the Amiga, DOS-PC , Windows, then back to the Mac around the time the first iMacs came about. He is also fairly heavily involved in the Ubuntu Linux community. His 2011 iMac is his main computer that he does most everything with, but he has a couple Linux servers along with an iPad that is attached to his hip at all times.

Rob has worked the last 10 or so years in the network security field with some emphasis on virtualization. He can be contacted by the user name Retr0Rob (That first O is a zero) on Youtube, Game Center, Steam, Facebook and pretty much any public forum worth mentioning.



As a small site, iGame Radio can’t review every iOS and Mac game that comes our way. So we’ve come up with some policies to filter out the clutter and only review those games we think our readers and listeners are interested in. We want to give them access to games that are really interesting, unique, different in some way. Games that they’ll remember.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We try to focus on iOS games that have something unique/original/different about them in gameplay, art, sound, design, etc…being fun and/or addictive isn’t enough. It’s how we compete with the big sites. If you send us a game that falls outside that category, we’ll send you a polite email declining the review.
  • A lot more Mac games are being released now than ever before, and a small site like ours can’t cover them all. So we focus on Mac games that have something interesting about them or aren’t getting much coverage elsewhere. That means you’ll probably not see us reviewing Diablo 3 anytime soon. However, we reviewed Portal 2 because it had some awesome new ideas.
  • We cover gaming on the Mac, iPhone/iPod Touch, and iPad only. The first time you send us press about your game app on another platform, we’ll tell you why we won’t review it. After that, we’ll just delete your email.
  • If the game is geared solely towards educating the youngest gamer (5 and under) we don’t review it. If you send us a game that falls within that category, we’ll send you a polite email declining the review the first time. After that, we’ll just delete your email.

If you want to submit your game for review, need more info about our review policy, or just have a question, feel free to contact us for more information.



–Writing Assistant

Have you ever wanted to write for a gaming site? Do you look to see if a game has been released for the Mac before you look at the description? Do you tap on the screen of your iPhone while gaming till your fingers bleed (ewww, hopefully not all over your screen!). Do you drool every time a new iPad game has been released? iGame Radio may have the gig for you!

We’re looking for a Writing Assistant to help increase the content on the website and expand the site’s social connections. This position will start as part-time, but may become full-time in the future.

iGame Radio is a video game blog and podcast based on Mac and iOS games. We post news/editorial articles and several weekly podcasts that include industry commentary, game reviews, and interviews with game industry figures.

This will be a great position to get into video game journalism and get your name out onto the internet in a location that is seen by thousands every week.


  • The ability to write quality articles about the Mac and iOS game industry and stories related to such.
  • Be able to work with social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, using it to expand the fan base.
  • Be able to keep to deadlines.
  • Can work remotely, keeping in contact via email, chat tools, and Skype (both audibly and visually).
  • Be able to work a variable schedule (though the majority of the schedule will be a standard one).

The position will start unpaid but it is intended to become a paying position over time. Contact us for more information.


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