iOS Game Watch: Fur and Feathers, Funny Road Trip, Bank Job

June 8, 2012 · Posted in Games, iOS Game Watch

Today we look at two children’s games: Fur and Feathers by PopApp Factory and Sugar & Ketchup’s Funny Road Trip for the bored kid. Plus a sidescroller by ScrewTape Studios, Bank Job.

Wow! We’re suddenly inundated today with children’s game apps. We don’t review them, but we’ll tell you about the best ones.

First up, PopApp Factory’s Fur and Feathers. If nothing else, this matching game for kids has THE most adorable trailer we have seen, EVA’. Unfortunately, neither the trailer nor the screens really give a concrete idea of how the gameplay actually works…seems to be connected to pulling the telephone wires that the birds are sitting on down. However it is managed, the game does look like a lot of fun with numerous ways to match and cats to fend off. The game is available in the iTunes App Store for iPad and iPhone, each at $0.99.

Next, Sugar & Ketchup give us Funny Road Trip. You remember all those boring road trips to Gramma’s house, where the most interesting question was “Are we there yet?”. Well, now you hopefully won’t have to answer this question with your kids (just don’t tell their gramma…she’ll be pissed you aren’t suffering the same fate). This game app let’s your kids pick up hitchhikers (in the game, folks!) who give them fun tasks to do while they’re in the back dying of boredom. Some examples are “act like a fish until you see a car” or “sing a song about a cactus until you see a sign”. Easy stuff that kids as young as three could pull off. The only problem we have with the app is that there doesn’t seem to be any way to connect mom and dad back into the kids. T’would be nice to have some of the tasks include parents as well, or have the parents become the hitchhiker for a bit. So you aren’t totally disassociated from your kids and their iPod Touch becomes “Mom”, ya know? You can download the game from the iTunes App Store for $1.99 for iPhone.

Last is a game for all ages. Bank Job by Screw Tape Studios came out at the beginning of the month and has already hit some popularity. This is a side-scrolling platformer where you direct your thief to steal money from the bank vaults, but he has to make his way there past all of the obstacles and dangers, picking up gems along the way. The artwork is quite good, the gameplay looks fun. And the hats…what is it with hats these days?? This is a freemium game, so we’ll have to play with it to find out if they hit that right balance between gameplay difficulty and greed. Download it now from the iTunes App Store for iPhone.


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