[Podcast] Ep 146: Forceful Used Games; Kickstarter Game Renaissance; Perverts with Gamepads

April 12, 2012 · Posted in Podcasts

Hosts Omaha Sternberg and Rob Benson talk about used games forced upon them, a Kickstarter Mac game renaissance, and why New York won’t let perverts play games. Plus, much more!

What’s inside this episode:

  • Host Omaha Sternberg and co-host Rob Benson talk about the week’s news in Mac and iOS gaming. First, they touch upon the op-ed article posted in GamesIndustry.biz regarding Used Games, and how one of the biggest problems with the used game industry is that companies like Gamestop force consumers to buy used games rather than new ones. Omaha and Rob discuss why they aren’t so willing to believe that argument and why they think used games provide a benefit.
  • Kickstarter may be a renaissance for video game development, but are they also a renaissance for Mac game development? Omaha and Rob talk about the evidence that shows this more and more.
  • Omaha and Rob talk about the games that have been announced, games that have been released, and the games that they have played.
  • New York recently announced Operation: Game Over, a purge of everyone on their sex offenders list from online game sites. And Omaha and Rob are offended. Listen in to find out why.
  • The 2011 Game Industry Salary survey was recently released. Omaha and Rob talk about why the results have big ramifications for the Indie game development scene.

Music Notes:

  • Digital Droo produced our theme music here at iGame Radio.


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