The Mouse Is Back And He’s Coming For Your Mac

April 2, 2012 · Posted in Games

We remember watching Epic Mickey in those Disney Interactive booths at multiple conventions, seeing artists drawing live sketches, and wishing we could be part of the fun. Friday, we were gifted with the wonderful news that we will…at least for Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Previewed at an event in London on Friday, developer Junction Point has confirmed that a PC and Mac version of the game is in the works with developer Warren Spectre coming back to work on it.

At this point there are very little details about the PC/Mac version, such as release dates, whether it will be a port, etc. But GameInformer has confirmed that it will be a PC/Mac hybrid.

The game itself, however, has a lot of details. From Gamespy:

In Epic Mickey 2, co-op play and musical numbers have been added to the magical-paint-brush mix. Mickey will be joined by one of Disney’s first cartoon stars, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (that character that looks identical to Mickey, except for the long, straight ears), and together they’ll travel through a bizarro Disney theme park world called the Wasteland. (No word yet on whether or not a Pip-Boy 3000 is required for Wasteland travel.)

Disney also bills Epic Mickey 2 as the “first videogame musical.” While it’s unclear how this particular mechanic will work in terms of gameplay (actual singing, rhythm?) Disney said that at “many points characters will advance the plot by expressing themselves in song.”

Should be interesting to see how this musical/song/interactive game will work with a mouse and keyboard system. But we can’t wait to go back to those conventions and get Disney artists to draw something for us, too.


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