iOS Game Watch: DinerTown Zoo update, pl8s, Lumi update

March 13, 2012 · Posted in Games, iOS Game Watch

Today we talk about the updates to Playfirst’s DinerTown Zoo and Foundation Games’ Lumi, and the release of the traveling game pl8s.

PlayFirst is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by adding a limited edition animal habitat to its freemium game DinerTown Zoo for iPhone and iPad. This shamrock-adorned habitat is available for free in the latest update to the game available now. In DinerTown Zoo, you can build your own zoo which do things that no real animal will do, like yoga, play video games, and dance. Customize their homes by choosing habitats, decorations, etc. The update includes animals that randomly pay out coins, as well as allow players to visit their friend’s zoos and gift them coins.

jrbapps has released an iOS adaptation for a popular road game. pl8s brings the traditional license plate game into the modern day for $0.99. Like the original game, in plus the goal is to spot license plates from other states. Tapping on a license plate in the game will give you points and a fun-fact about the state. Depending on the mode you choose, you can get different points for different license plates. The game does single-player but multiplayer is only hotseat…there’s no Game Center at this point. We are disappointed because we never needed to share those scraps of papers to keep track in the past.

Lumi, the action platformer of light and darkness, has been updated. If you’re not familiar with the game, players will jump, fly, and fling the Lumi character around the game world to save the world from encroaching darkness through magnetic attraction. The free update includes improvements to gameplay and the user interface, as well as a chance for sneak peaks at new worlds in the game.


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