[Podcast] Game Review Cast 47: UltraDeep, Rig Fire, Tower Defense

November 17, 2011 · Posted in Games, Podcasts, Reviews

Today Omaha reviews the iPhone games UltraDeep by Viquasoft and Rig Fire by Golden Helicopter, and the iPad game Tower Defense: Lost Earth HD by Com2uS.

What’s inside this episode:

  • A review of UltraDeep, by Viquasoft. Despite a few bugs and issues, UltraDeep is quite different from most vertical platformers out there. Simple, fun, and definitely worth a look.
  • Also, a review of Rig Fire, published by Golden Helicopter. Even with a few graphical issues, Rig Fire combines addictive survival gameplay with a touch of eco-politics for a great experience.
  • Plus, a review of Tower Defense: Lost Earth, published by Com2uS. Tower Defense is a full-featured tower defense game. Though the graphics could use a polish here and there, it has excellent gamplay and sound effects, and is definitely a title for your gaming library.


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