You might kiss the sky, but would you kiss a gorilla?

November 15, 2011 · Posted in Contests, Games

OstinGames, developer of KissIsland, is launching the KissIsland Kissing Contest. A prize worth as much as $2000 awaits the person to come up with the best kissing video with the most creative kiss.

KissIsland is a survival action game that combines fighting and kissing in the story line (including, apparently, gorillas) about a pilot of a military spaceship that survives a crash on an isolated island full of impassable jungles, gorillas, and the local tribe run by a Voodoo sorceress.

OstinGames has launched the KissIsland Kissing Contest in dedication to the game. Participants must create a romantic video using their iPhone, phone, camera, or other video taping device and upload the footage to YouTube. Videos will be rated in three standard categories, which can net the winner $300 a piece. Videos that have aspects of all three standard categories will be considered a “superkiss” video and be rated in the super category, which is assessed at $1000. If you win all four categories, OstinGames will throw in an extra $100 to bring the total to $2000.

Ratings will be for the most passionate and sincere kiss, the most technical kiss, and the most funny or unusual kiss. Voting will actually be performed by contest participants and any visitor to the contest page. The contest page already has some videos up, and it doesn’t seem as though you need to register in order to vote. OstinGames only has one requirement, and that is that at least one iOS device has to be seen in the video demonstrating a version of KissIsland for no less than 10 seconds.

The contest runs until February 14, 2012, 3:00 a.m. Pacific Time (GMT -8:00). Complete details are on the OstinGames’ website.


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