iOS Game Watch: Egypt Engineering, Pogo Pig, daWindci

April 20, 2011 · Posted in Games, iOS Game Watch

Slitherine, Matrix Games, and Bloober Team have worked together to release History Egypt Engineering An Empire across multiple platforms, including the iPad. The first strategy wargame from Slitherine to reach iOS, players can build their own empire from its foundations to the height of its power, acting as the leader of a territory from the Egyptian Empire. Players manage all aspects of the rise, including economic growth, political power, development of armies, expansion through war or diplomacy, etc. This turn-based strategy game has already reached the top 5 in the US charts.
Egypt Engineering

Pogo Pig takes the ideas behind Doodle Jump one step further, or maybe down? Whereas in Doodle Jump you were always jumping ever skyward, in Pogo Pig you can jump up, down, and sideways. The game utilizes the vertical and horizontal axis for maximum bouncy platform fun.
Pogo Pig

I got wind of daWindci (no pun intended?) last year, and have been eagerly awaiting its release. This top down physics puzzler has you sailing away in your beautiful balloon on 45 expeditions searching for valuable items and solving puzzles. You navigate your balloon by creating wind, hurricanes and lightning on your screen with your fingers. The graphics are gorgeous and the music is delightful. You can play it on iPhone or iPod Touch, but this is the perfect game for your iPad.


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