PAX Dev brings developers of all games together

April 19, 2011 · Posted in PAX

Not satisfied with PAX Prime or PAX East, the organizers behind both have created PAX Dev. Bringing together programmers, designers, producers and artists to explore the craft of creating digital and physical games, PAX Dev will take place two days before PAX Prime.

PAX Dev is designed to be an intimate event where game developers can concentrate solely on the art of game development. To keep that focus, the PAX folks have outlawed marketing buzz, bizdev speed dating events, and PR opportunities with the press. Attendees will be participating in learning, sharing, and debating.

“The idea started with friends in the game dev community asking us to host an event where they could really focus on exchanging ideas without any distractions,” said Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade. “There are events that are great for signing your next deal or promoting your current project, but that’s not PAX Dev. We’re 100 percent focused on the craft of game development.”

PAX Dev will cover exploration of not just video games, but also pen and paper, tabletop, board, and collectible card games for a complete picture of game development. “…We’ve all seen how ideas in one segment can feed and influence innovation in another part of the game industry,” stated Khoo. “Having representatives from all of the extended game development family can only make PAX Dev stronger.”

PAX Dev takes place Wednesday, August 24 and Thursday, August 25 at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel. Early registration is $249 (at the door pricing is $329) and approximately 750 tickets will be sold at the PAX Dev 2011 site. Individuals interested in presenting at PAX Dev can submit panel applications to the PAX Dev panel site as well.


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