Mass Effect 2 coming for the Mac!

September 10, 2010 · Posted in Games

When OnLive went live a couple of months ago, they made a large number of Windows only games available to the Mac with their streaming gaming service. All but one: Mass Effect 2. This popular game developed by Bioware and published by EA was the one game that Mac gamers were not allowed to play on OnLive with their Macs. At the time, I speculated that this could only mean that Mass Effect 2 was actually being ported to the Mac platform.

At PAX, I got confirmation.

Speaking to an OnLive representative, I talked about the games available and mentioned that Mass Effect 2 was still the only game not available for Mac players. He said that this was due to contract requirements for restrictions regarding which platforms the game could be on. I said it was mighty strange that for a company whose goal was to provide platform agnostic gameplay that this one game would be negotiated in this fashion.

At that point he admitted that the game would have a Mac port. “They are making Mass Effect 2 for the Mac,” he said.

Though this doesn’t come as a complete surprise, it is terrific confirmation of a rumor, and acceptable justification for why the game cannot be played with a Mac using the OnLive service. I have contacted both Electronic Arts and Transgaming regarding this article. EA has not made a response as of the posting of this article. Transgaming’s reply was, “No comment.”

At this point, the real question is whether the port is being performed in-house or with another company. My guess is that they are using Transgaming’s Cider technology, as was used for the Dragon Age: Origins and subsequent DLC. I’m also guessing that they will be trying to get this ready in time for the Christmas rush, as waiting until early spring would
make less sense from a business standpoint.

However the story plays out, it is great to hear that this game that we Mac gamers have been wanting will finally be coming out.


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