Going Rogue coming in August

June 23, 2010 · Posted in Games

City of Heroes: Going RogueGoing Rogue, the latest expansion from the MMOG City of Heroes, now has a release date. Come August 17th, CoH fans will be able to download the new expansion that turns a black and white battle of good vs evil into a grey-scale battle of the mind. The second paid expansion for City of Heroes, Going Rogue now means that moral choices that players make will effect gameplay.

Characters can walk the line between good and evil, fall from grace and become villains, or even redeem themselves to become heroes (no, not like LeChuck…then again….). Players can also enter Praetoria, an alternate universe with new missions, zones, and costume sets. They can also fight new villain groups and play with new power sets, including Demon Summoning, Dual Pistols, Electric Control and Kinetic Melee.

This second expansion completes the trinity of the original City of Heroes and the first expansion of City of Villains, turning the MMOG of CoH into a full-fledged RPG of actions and consequences, linking the good and the evil, and everything in between. You can pick up the pre-order of Going Rogue for $29.99.


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