[Podcast] PAX 09 Day 3: What Happened at PAX 09, Osmos, Puzzle Bloom

September 10, 2009 · Posted in PAX, Podcasts

Day 3 of PAX 09 is now available. Today I talk about what PAX was like, from the Expo floor, to the PAX flu, to Mac games. Also, interviews with the game designer for Puzzle Bloom, and the developer for Osmos.

What’s inside this episode:

  • PAX 09 was a rockin’ success, from the huge number of booths, the large number of games coming out for the Mac and iPhone, to the awesome concert series. PAX is the gamer’s paradise! I talk about what the expo floor was like, what the games I played were like, and what PAX in general was like.
  • I chatted up Jess Rahbek, the game designer for Puzzle Bloom, a unity based flash game. Be prepared to MAKE THEM PAY…and grow pretty trees, too. A PAX 10 finalist.
  • I also interviewed Eddie Boxerman of Hemisphere Games, who developed Osmos. The first stage of Spore comes to mind…only now you eject bits of yourself as you ingest your enemies. All in a zen-like atmosphere. A PAX 10 finalist.

PICTURES!!! Images from PAX 09 taken from a camera that I obviously didn’t know how to use very well. Enjoy!

A view from the Expo floor.

More Expo floor goodness.

Booth babe from City of Heroes. Or, should that be The Booth Babe of Justice?

Warhammer Online booth.

Diablo III kiosks. Long lines…I got to play when I got in early on Friday ’cause I’m media and you’re not. :P

Blizzard WoW: Cataclysm kiosks. Never did get a chance to try the expansion out.

Line for Left For Dead 2. Ain’t his momma proud! >:P

Entrance to one side of the Expo floor.

Dofus 2.0 Booth.

I’m not sure which one is hotter. No, I’m sure. She is.

Booth for Fieldrunner, a PAX 10 finalist, and the only iPhone game in the PAX 10. Didn’t get a chance to interview them because they failed to tell me they weren’t going to be there on Sunday. Doh!


One Response to “[Podcast] PAX 09 Day 3: What Happened at PAX 09, Osmos, Puzzle Bloom”

  1. clockworknapkin on September 11th, 2009 12:20 pm

    “Puzzle Bloom, a unity based flash game” – Unity and Flash are two completely different technologies, both from technological and user’s point of view. Unity delivers fully hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to your browser. Flash… well Flash is usually just a couple of flat images dancing around ;]

    Otherwise – some really nice interviews, thanks :)

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