Brainpipe: Timothy Leary’s brain on a Mac!

December 24, 2008 · Posted in Games

From the dudes who brought you Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space comes the newest entry from Digital Eel…Brainpipe! A game “about transcendentalism, unhumanity, ganglia, and Jonathan Winters”. It is a game that answers the question, “If Timothy Leary had designed a computer game, what would it look like?”

Unfortunately, the publisher, Shrapnel Games, doesn’t feel it answers the question, “Why do drive-up ATMs have Braille keypads?” I’ll answer that one…because stupid banks rip out walk up ATMs, requiring those of use without cars to use the drive-up ATMs.

But I digress.

As you play Brainpipe, you will swoop through glowing neon tunnels while collecting glowing glyphs and avoiding dangers that will shatter your psyche and unleash the dreaded brain drain–whereupon your skull implodes. Now we know what happened to Timothy Leary.

The game is available for Windows users now, but a Mac version is promised very shortly, and this is one publisher you can count on to come out with a Mac version in a realistic short period of time (not shortly=about a year). You can get more info about the game on the game page, and save your pennies for the $14.95 to grab it once it’s available.


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