AIM just got kicked out the door

February 23, 2007 · Posted in General

I was busy checking my email, when an email from AIM shows up in my mailbox. The email tells me that AIM 6.0 is out. I remember something about using AIM 4.7 and think, wow, am I behind in updates. Better go get this one and get caught up.

So, I click on the link and up pops the AIM page in Firefox. I look at the system requirements as I always do. Requirements are Windows XP, Windows 2K, XP 64 Bit. Oh, I think, latest update isn’t out for the Mac. No worries, I’ll go pick up 5.x for the Mac.

So, I click on “Mac” under “other AIM versions”. Up pops the latest Mac version…version 4.7. WTF?!!! Last updated, 2/18/04. Three friggin’ years ago?!

Yeah, AIM, you obviously are very concerned about keeping your Mac clients happy. I feel so loved and part of the AIM community. Deja vu starts through my head. Or is it, Deja ex?

In any case, there’s no reason not to use iChat as my primary IM and chat client anymore. I switched in 2002…I used AIM before that. Another vestige of my old Windows days just bit the dust.


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