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In May of 2013, I decided to take a couple of weeks off for a break. I posted about it and…




Okay, so I’m not dead, I did come back, and I’m here to tell you about what happened and why things are actually changing. It’s a long story, but because I just disappeared for more than a year, I felt that you deserved to hear about it, to understand why I disappeared for so long with not a word, and didn’t respond to emails.

Especially since much of it will have a bearing on the future of iGame Radio.
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[Podcast] Game Review Cast: Pipe Trouble, Le Vamp

May 10, 2013 · Posted in Reviews   
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Today Omaha reviews two iOS games: The casual pipe strategy game Pipe Trouble that makes you think beyond casual for your solutions; and Le Vamp, where the world around you becomes your most important pal in that endless run.




What’s inside this episode:


A review of Pipe Trouble for iPad by Pop Sandbox. Trapped in a cute little casual strategy framework, this is actually the biggest strategy game of them all. If you find a solution, Canada would like to hear from you.



A review of Le Vamp for iPad by High Voltage Software. Simple and smooth on the surface, but lot’s of fun content to sink your teeth into, Le Vamp gives an extra boost with a new way to make that endless run happen.


iGame Radio Takes A Week Off

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I’m going to take a week off starting Monday. I’ve got a ton of work to focus on that involves doing more on the new website design and putting more thought into the vision for the site. I have some great ideas for changes in the focus of the podcasts and what game style/genre/types I place my concentration on.

Most importantly, though, gaming for me is more than just “having fun”, and I want that reflected in games I review, report on, and discuss with others. Hell, if I just wanted to have fun, I’d grab a deck of cards and play “Go Fish” with my kids, or Sorry with friends, or Zuma all day (yes, there’s that addiction). But there are so many games that go deeper than just fun. They make you think in their visuals, audio, game design, story, etc. They make you feel something deep down. Those are the ones I want to talk about each week.

And I want iGame Radio to be the manner through which I do that.

See you in a week!

(Oh, but I will post a review in the middle of next week. And I might end up posting other things here and there. Cause, you know, it’s hard for me to resist!)

[Podcast] iGame Chat: Pipe Trouble Dev’s Troubles with Design and Politics

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Today Omaha talks with Alex Jansen of Pop Sandbox about his game Pipe Trouble; balancing a game with fun and serious sides and the unexpected politics.






Imagine, if you will, a pristine, beautiful Canadian landscape; farms dot the land here, moose and deer wander there. And you’ve got tons of natural gas pipes to bury so that you don’t kill the animals, piss off the farmers, and come under budget. Welcome to Pipe Trouble, the brain child of Alex Jansen who decided that the conflicts surrounding the natural gas pipelines coming through Canada weren’t good enough just for the television screen. But developing a well-balanced game based on the old template of Pipe Mania wasn’t the only trouble Alex ran into as a Canadian province declared his game promoted eco-terrorism. Omaha chats with Alex about how he balanced development with politics.


Appsterdam Brings Free Alternative WWDC To Devs

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WWDC is THE place for a developer to go to get the information and training she or he needs to make the awesome games we all want to play, right? Well, not if you didn’t get your fingers active enough in the literally THREE MINUTES it took for the show to sell out this year. Have no fear, Appsterdam to the rescue! No, I’ve never heard of them either, but their going to become your next best friend if you don’t have that $1599 ticket to WWDC with the creation of AltWWDC.

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Combo Crew Vid Shows Gameplay

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Combo Crew


The Game Bakers are hard at work on their newest iOS game, Combo Crew. I had a great chat with developer Emeric Thoa, and afterwards he sent me a video from the game itself. The Combo Crew video below has in-game gameplay. If you look closely, you’ll see an easter egg from Squids in there, too. First person to post what that easter egg is will get a free copy of Combo Crew when it comes out in May!


Crooked Tree Opens Artist Door

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Throw Trucks With Your Mind


A few weeks past I interviewed Lat Ware, the developer for “Throw Trucks With Your Mind”, about the game and the Kickstarter that he ran. Great interview and great game idea, but unfortunately most updates about the game are for backers at the moment. But in a chat today with the developer I was told that he’s trying something new: not requiring any of his artists to be under NDA.

All of the artists for the game are freely allowed to post things that they are working on for the game that they think are cool. One such artist, Caspian Priebe, is showing off his concept art in a Tumblr right now. The artwork gives a really good idea of the kinds of characters that you can access in the game as well as some of the moves that will be available.

iGame Radio Site Redesign is Live!

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UPDATE: A fan has discovered that the Beta Site will not resolve fully if you have any type of AdBlock installed; all you’ll see is the header and that’s it. This is for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (I confirmed the last two today). We’re working to resolve this, but chances are we won’t have a fix up until sometime this weekend. In the meantime, if you have AdBlock installed, you’ll need to temporarily disable it to view the Beta Site.


The beta of the iGame Radio site redesign is up! I’m really excited about this new redesign and I hope that you are too. There’s a lot of changes in design that I really would like to hear feedback from you all about. There’s also a lot of backend work that’s been done that will make it much easier to make design changes in the future.

There’s still more work we’re going to be doing on this, such as finalizing the advertising slots, more stuff for the sidebars, and more work on individual post pages. But I wanted to get your feedback on what’s been done so far now.

So, hop onto the beta site and post your comments about it here. Also please do post any bugs that you find. If I get enough comments I’ll put a forum together.

Pangea Software Makes All iOS Games Free For 24 Hours

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Ready for some freebies? For today only, Pangea Software is making all of their iOS games free with no strings attached. That’s right…for 24 hours, you can download every single one of their games from their iOS game library, games that would normally cost between $1 and $4. These games include: Monkey Bongo, Billy Frontier, Jive Turkey Shoot, Cro-Mag Rally, Warheads, Enigmo, Enigmo 2, Enigmo Deluxe, Nucleus, Air Wings, Air Wings Intergalactic, Nanosaur 2, Bugdom 2, Otto Matic, Quarters!!, and Antimatter.

And why is Pangea suddenly doing this? Is there some major holiday approaching that I don’t know about? Is Pangea President Brian Greenstone enjoying a few puffs from a particularly interesting “weed”? “iOS and the App Store are the best thing to come along in video games in 25 years,” said Greenstone, “We’ve been very fortunate to have been a part of this new industry, so to say ‘Thank You’ to all of our awesome customers we’re hosting one of the biggest giveaways the App Store has ever seen.”

The sale last only until Friday morning, so better get started downloading!

[Podcast] iGame Chat: The Game Bakers Prep Combo Crew for the Oven

April 24, 2013 · Posted in Dev Space, Interviews   
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Today Omaha talks with Emeric Thoa of the Game Bakers about their experience in mobile game development with Squids and their upcoming game Combo Crew.


Combo Crew





When last I spoke with The Game Bakers at PAX in 2011, they were just finishing up on their smash hit Squids. Now with Squids and Squids: Wild West under their belt, they are turning to a decidedly different style of gameplay with Combo Crew. Emeric Thoa agreed to take some time away from developing to chat with me about what’s been happening these past two years and give us the latest on this new game.


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